Let’s see. President. Commander in Chief. Creator of Chaos in Chief. King Dipshit. It doesn’t matter what you call him but putting a psychopath in The White House was a bad idea. A brilliant con man is not (or at least should not be considered) presidential material in a democracy. The proof lies in our current reality. America was great before this bozo came down the escalator.

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It’s a routine task. My feed reader doesn’t show the Pinboard user’s name as a link. In fact, it’s not even text. If I want to see that user’s pinboard page I’ve got to type it out. With the help of a simple Keyboard Maestro shortcut, I can type the user’s name to open their pinboard page. Bang!

But that’s not the magic. The act of reading the (sometimes odd) name and remembering it long enough to type it is the real challenge. Every time I pull it off, I experience a mild sense of amazement of how the mind works. Every trick is another automation.

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The fix was in and even the worst kind of leader was able to walk away unaccountable. He became emboldened by the result of the Senate Impeachment Trial in January. Those with a pulse had to have wondered what would come next in the shitshow of the century. Even if you’re in the so-called base and enjoy all the red meat, you still have to admit the shitshow is real. Come on now – don’t you?

oh oh, we need a leader

I never experienced anything like the coronavirus pandemic. I could never even imagine such a horrific tragedy. So much death and millions of people losing their livelihoods in the firestorm. We need real leadership, which unfortunately seems to be nonexistent in this moment.

You’ve seen it with your own eyes. It’s no time for division but our so-called leader sees division as priority one. As sickening as that is, people can choose to respect expertise and ignore the prick in the White House. That works for me at least.

I want real information, not alternative facts. Truth is, our stable genius leader isn’t smart enough to even imagine what might be appropriate. It’s tough enough for all of us without having to deal with such political crap. Safety needs to be priority one. The shitshow is real. Without leadership, we’re left to handle this mess on our own. Especially because so many people have chosen to drink the lemonade of a conman.

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