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It’s obvious you can find anything you’re looking for on the web. There are plenty of sites linking to commercial and professional sites and blogs featuring book reviews with affiliate links. It’s easy to find links to ad-infested news, novelty, and technology-related destinations on the web, and sites using intrusive overlays and slide-outs. All these sites can be useful when that’s what you’re looking for.

but there’s an alternative

What if you just want to explore people and ideas without being distracted by attempts to sell you something or annoying you with intrusive advertising and promotion?

That’s why I created dailywebthing daily pointers back in 2000. I like to think I’m providing a means to explore the web of atypical people and ideas without all the noise. That’s why I link.

(also posted to indieweb.xyz/en/linking)

The following sites have a few things in common – they were each originally featured as a daily pointer 10 or more years ago and their sites have been regularly updated through a point in 2018. Kudos to all of them. And to you, enjoy!



  • baffle.js
    A tiny (~1.8kb) javascript library for obfuscating and revealing text in DOM elements.
  • Do I leak?
    Your digital footprint might be giving you away…
  • Express
    Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js
  • Helium
    A floating browser window for OS X
  • hledger
    Simple, precise, plain text accounting.
  • Responsive Typo
    Font-size based on your screen-size… In pure css please.
  • rscss
    Styling CSS without losing your sanity
  • Rspamd
    Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system.
  • Tachyons
    Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible.
  • Tox
    A New Kind of Instant Messaging
  • Typography Cheatsheet
    A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage.
  • Usable Privacy Policy Project
    Towards Effective Web Privacy Notice and Choice

This is not an endorsement.