This morning as I’m catching up on that linking thing I do, the words of a certain cool curator grab my attention. It’s a stream of consciousness kind of thing (I really enjoy) that urges me to visit the linked site. As I enter the site, its style/flavor immediately reminds me of another site I consider to be a classic.

My mind’s in fun mode now and I start exploring Kicks’ linked site. The first thing I encounter is a piece a for piano and violin created by the site’s author, Luming Hao. It’s different – eerie and engaging. Nice. Then I explore the song that inspired the piece, a freeform head-banger that’s most listenable. I’m smiling now, thinking how thankful I am when the surf leads to magical things.


I’m tickled to announce that i.webthings has been migrated to i.webthings hub at All old permalinks and page links are redirecting accurately and comments/webmentions were carried over to their respective posts at the new location. As a result of the migration, it’s now possible to follow i.webthings on Mastodon.

To follow i.webthings from your Mastodon client, search for and follow:

If you already follow us by RSS, the old RSS feed redirects to the new feed.

Thanks for following i.webthings.

I’m pleased to announce the dailywebthing linkport and dailywebthing daily pointers are now available on the Fediverse. It’s easy to follow either (or both) of these linkblogs from your Mastodon client.

To follow the linkport, search for @the.dailywebthing in your client’s search form and follow:

Note: is a remnant of previous testing and will no longer be updated.

To follow the daily pointers, search for @pointers.dailywebthing in your client’s search form and follow:


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