I think I’m getting closer to what I envisioned for the i.webthings hub. A recent change made to resolve the problem of sending unintentional ‘webmention spam’ seems to have also improved the integration of this site with my others.

Posts that are syndicated here from my various other sites now use permalinks to the original posts on those sites. The change solved the problem of sending multiple webmentions to linked sites. As it turns out, it also makes the hub more of a direct springboard to my other websites. Each site includes a prominent link back to the hub, which seems like a fairly usable setup for those who like to explore the web. I guess we’ll see if that’s the case. Enjoy!

I remember referring to a certain doctor with major skills in a rare specialty as the cowboy who came out of the night to save me some years ago. That’s cowboy in a most affectionate way – it was my way of complimenting him. It’s a favorable term to me and if someone called me a cowboy, I would probably take it as a compliment.

So when I read this and saw the term link cowboy and indulged my inner narcissist a bit, I told myself, “If anyone’s a link cowboy, I am.” I wondered if Kicks might indeed be referring to me. Naw, that’s ridiculous Joe – get over yourself! “Silly,” I thought, pushing my ego and its dumb thoughts to the back of my mind.

Of course, I had still been thinking those silly thoughts for almost a month when I came across this and this (yet another cool video by Kicks) and my ego lit up like a lavalamp. Though the message in the entertaining video was ambiguous, here I was saying “Damn! He is talking about me.” My inner narcissist won and I was doomed to responding in some way (though I knew better).

I did respond and learned I was totally wrong about what he was saying and who he was talking about. I’d been here before. I’m human.

The truth is I love this guy’s attitude. He teaches us/me things in a most peculiar way.

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