Update 07/31/21 7:12 PM:
As part of the ongoing project to simplify things, several of the feeds shown may change in the near future. In that case, redirects for the feeds will be implemented and I’ll provide additional information here on the blog. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thx.

For your convenience, following is a list of individual feeds for the key active webthings along with an downloadable OPML file including all of them to import into your news reader. Hoping some of you find this information useful.

OPML (includes all)

Note: The i.webthings directory and 🌱 πš“πš˜πšŽ. πš’πšπšŽπšŠπšœ. do not have RSS feeds, though I hope you’ll enjoy visiting them now and then.

Back in April, I did away with the simply. micro. blog by integrating its content into the simply. personal blog as a category. Original permalinks work and I can still add new micro content. It made sense to me. I also archived two other blogs I had decided to stop updating. In the process of making these changes, I was able to remove three WordPress installations and databases. Less bloat. Less waste of server resources and power. Less demand for my attention. Yay!

Also recently, I decided to discontinue syndicating content from my various webthings here. Maintaining links is a time-consuming part of the dailywebthing and daily pointers and having those same links duplicated here just doubles the time it takes for fixing/removing bad links. To be honest, I’d rather spend that time curating!

Besides, the number of posts accumulating on this blog over time was getting out of hand. Again, less bloat. Unfortunately, this change resulted in no longer providing a combined feed for all the webthings. Nice guy! I offer my readers a unique convenience and then take it away. For that, I am sorry.

I’m just getting started. The simplification project still has a long way to go. Watch this space for details as things further develop.